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Develop your skills and move up the Front-End developer grades.

We offer courses in specific in-demand skills that will enable you to develop professionally and increase your value as a professional.

Professional development will allow you:

Earn more

2 500 €
--- average salary of experienced developers in product companies

*vacancy survey, August 2021

Find the best and fastest ways to solve problems

Work on more complex and interesting tasks

Bring more value to the product and increase your own value

Successfully pass interviews in large product companies

Product companies are actively looking for experienced developers

As of August 2021, on popular job search platforms --- more than 1.000 vacancies in product companies for experienced Front-End developers

With us you will learn what skills you need and how to develop them

The Competency Map shows what skills a front-end developer should have at each stage of development and what needs to be learned for career growth.

How did we collect the Competency Map?

Job market research

Interviews with team leaders of large food companies

Feedback from experienced developers from mentors

Interviews with employers from the Career Center who cooperate with the HTML Academy


Materials for teaching the most demanded skills from the Competency Map

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To developers from developers

Made for developers who have little time to learn. On each course you will receive:


Links theory to typical tasks in the market. You will have an understanding of where and how to apply the resulting theory.


Built from simple to complex. You can easily immerse yourself in the topic, even if you didn’t know anything about it before.


Up-to-date and updated theory, tested by the market. No "water" - you will receive only the necessary knowledge.


Created around each course. It will help you answer questions and deepen your knowledge.

The community of each course consists of authors, experienced developers, and students who have taken or are taking this course.
The community not only helps in mastering the material, but also constantly makes the course better.

It suits you if:

You want to earn more or change jobs, but you don’t know in which direction to develop.

You want to learn a specific skill but don't know how

You do not want to waste time searching for relevant information on the topic

You need a specific teaching methodology and only the necessary information

You want to make sure that the acquired knowledge is learned in practice

We have experience, research and methodology on our side

An experience

We have been building a relationship with the commercial development market for 9 years. We train beginner developers and see how they become experienced specialists.


Before launching a course, we make sure that it provides a sought-after professional skill.


We communicate with the web developer community and therefore understand how to teach. We minimize the time from studying the theory to solving typical problems.

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